School of Politics and Law
School of Politics and Law
Published:School of Politics and Law

The School of Politics and Law, founded in 2004, is now moving forward under the school guidelines with academic development as its main focus. The main task of the School is to offer optional courses in politics and social sciences, in collaboration with GDUT's social sciences department. In light of the favorable engineering environment inside the university, the School features the disciplinary characteristics of applied law, with the integration of engineering, science, and humanities, turning out versatile personnel with ability and creativity in the field of law and public administration.
The School is divided into the Departments of Law, Social Work, Public Service Management, and the Institutes of Theory, Moral Education, Historic Theory, and Situation and Policy. The School offers 3 undergraduate programs. At present, the School has over 90 teachers (including 7 professors) and over 1,000 students.The School attaches great importance to teaching quality, establishing a well-rounded teaching quality monitoring system and making great efforts to explore teaching pertinence and effectiveness in the modern world. The School has won 1 provincial special prize for teaching achievement, 1 provincial excellent course, 2 provincial outstanding teachers and 1 provincial ethical model teacher.
The School pays great attention to academic research and disciplinary construction, trying to improve the teachers' scientific research ability and academic level, promote the School's scientific and technological level and help realize the prosperity of social science research and the development of local society and economy. The School has undertaken numbers of provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects and obtained an increasing funding. Quite a few teachers have published high level academic theses on leading academic journals. One provincial excellent academic achievement prize has been awarded.The School's student work focuses on the students' style of study, emphasizing the practical application of knowledge and striving to enrich the students' humanity knowledge, scientific knowledge and improve their practical innovative ability. The graduates' employment rate is regularly above 98%. The graduates are spoken highly of by society and welcomed by employers.


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BA in Social Work

BA in Public Service Administration