School of Architecture and Urban Planning
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Published:School of Architecture and Urban Planning

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning currently offers two undergraduate programs,architecture and urban planning, both have a comparatively long history. The Architecture program was established in 1956, while the Urban Planning program was the earliest among universities of Guangdong province. The Lab Center is fully equipped, and includes architectural physics, building model, construction material and structure, digital city virtual building, and Lingnan historic architecture and urban conservation laboratories. The Architectural Design and Research Institute under the School, with its outstanding technical strength, has accomplished a number of large-scale domestic construction engineering projects.
With discipline construction as the principal emphasis, the School promotes the combination of manufacturing, study and research. Upper grade students are encouraged to participate in research projects, which equip them with basic research and practical engineering design competence. The School makes great efforts to arouse students’ initiative in self-study and organizes high-tech campus scientific, technological and cultural activities with architecture program characteristics. The average employment rate of graduates in recent years has been above 98%. The graduates are mainly distributed in Guangdong Province, and they have made great contributions to construction in the province.
The School endeavors to realize the combination of 'professionals' and 'generalists', human science education and natural science education, general knowledge education and specialty education, and also to train well-rounded engineering technical graduates. The School actively uses new teaching methods and techniques, trying to meet the region’s cultural, economic development and urban construction needs, and to train high-level graduates for the country.


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