Health Care and Emergency

Medical Assurance and Emergency Safety
1.For Medical
Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Campus (HEMC) Hospital, Tel: 020-39322120
Dongfeng Campus Hospital, Tel: 020-37626875
Longdong Campus Hospital, Tel: 020-87083683

2.General Clinic
Dongfeng Campus Hospital
Internal Medicine Department: from Monday to Friday
Department of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Department of Stomatology: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Department of Eye and E.N.T.(Ear, Nose and Throat): Every Tuesday and Thursday
HEMC Hospital:
Internal medicine department and Department of Stomatology: From Monday to Friday
TCM department: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Department of Eye and E.N.T.: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Longdong Campus Hospital:
Internal medicine department: From Monday to Friday
Department of Stomatology: Every Tuesday and Thursday          
Wushan infirmary, Shahe health center and school of international education health center: Internal medicine department opens in office hours from Monday to Friday.
If there is any change, please refer to the notice of the outpatient department.
For emergency cases,doctors and nurses of university hospitals are on duty 24 hours a day.
3.Emergency Call
Police: 110
Fire Emergency: 119
Traffic Emergency: 122
Medical Emergency: 120
Campus assistance:
HEMC campus: 39322110; Xiaoguwei Police Station: 34720110
Dongfeng Campus: 37626036; Huanghuagang Police Station: 83127379
Longdong Campus: 87082930; Longdong Police Station: 87028656