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Guangdong University of Technology, founded in 1958, is a multidisciplinary university specialized in engineering education. It also offers a wide range of educational programs in science, technology, management, economics, humanities, liberal arts and law. As a high-level and cutting-edge provincial university of science and technology, GDUT has been adhering for over 60 years to the concept of “Developing with Guangdong and Contributing to Guangdong”, deepening its integration with the industry and continuously promoting academic progress and research. For the first time in 2019, our university was listed in the THE (Times Higher Education) World University Rankings, and the “Top 1000” list of ARWU (Academic Rankings of World Universities). In 2020, the university ranked 51st in Chinese mainland universities in the Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings and 268th among engineering universities in 2020 US News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings (45th in China).

Guangdong University of Technology is located in Guangzhou, a famous and prosperous city in southern China. We have four campuses, namely HEMC Campus, Dongfeng Road Campus, Longdong Campus, and Panyu Campus, covering a total area of 3,066.67 acres (about 1,241 hectares) with a beautiful environment. Each campus of our university has its specialty. The Guangzhou HEMC Campus highlights the dominant position of engineering; the Dongfeng Road Campus focuses on international design and creativity; the Longdong Campus is dedicated to  strengthening its specialization in management, science, and social services; the Panyu Campus focuses on Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs.

At present, our university has a total of 20 schools, 4 public course teaching centers, and 6 postdoctoral mobile stations. There are more than 2,000 full-time teachers, including about 400 professors and 700 associate professors. The strong faculty system provides a powerful talent support for the rapid development of GDUT. Five disciplines, including Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science &Ecology, have entered the top 1% of the ESI global discipline rankings, of which Engineering has entered 1.9 %. Our complete curriculum of "Bachelor-Master-Doctor” currently has 81 majors in its undergraduate programs, 23 first-class master degree programs, and 7 first-class doctoral degree programs. There are more than 44,000 full-time students, including over 36,000 undergraduates and 7,000 postgraduates.

We comprehensively implement various talent training plans such as the “College Student Innovation Action Plan”, the “Postgraduate Top Innovative Talent Cultivation Plan”, the “Thousand Seedling Plan” to train outstanding postgraduates and the “Excellent Teacher Training Project”. In recent years, GDUT has developed rapidly and made great achievements in talent training, in building a strong faculty, in promoting scientific research and innovation and social services.

GDUT is proud to be home to world-class researchers who are making significant contributions in their specialized fields. The university counts a Key State Laboratory, a National & Local United Engineering Laboratory, a National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center and more than 70 key scientific platforms. In the past five years, GDUT has won multiple awards, including the State Science and Technology Award, the State Technological Innovation Award, and Scientific and Technological Awards at the provincial and ministerial level. The university has also won 6 national outstanding innovation awards, ranking 31st among Chinese universities.

GDUT continues to cooperate with the industrial sector, establishing several interdisciplinary collaborative innovation platforms such as the “Guangzhou National Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Center for Modern Service Industry”, the “Foshan Nanhai GDUT CNC Equipment Cooperative Innovation Institute”, the “Dongguan South China Design Innovation Institute”. The university is committed to build high-level innovation platforms in areas such as high-end equipment, IC design, industrial design and advanced materials to help local governments achieve high-quality economic and social development. Many of our courses are industry-based, giving our students vital experience and contacts in the industries that interest them.

Fully embracing its mission to be open to international cooperation, GDUT has been strengthening its international cooperation and exchanges and established partnerships with 150 well-known universities and institutions in different countries and regions. The university attaches great importance to the "Belt and Road" initiative, encouraging students from Belt and Road countries to study in China. The university has also set up the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Discrete Manufacturing Intelligence Joint Laboratory, an animation major (Sino-Foreign joint educational program) and 5 majors of 2+2 international class. (Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Business Administration) The university has implemented a series of policies to improve the innovative and comprehensive ability of students. Our students have won a number of prizes in various scientific, cultural and athletic competitions:
· From 2013-2019, GDUT has participated in the Challenge Cup Competition and won the Excellence Cup for four consecutive years as well as 4 grand prizes.
· In 2017, the FSAE team of our university won the first place in Formula Student China.
· In 2018, GUDT ranked 32nd in the ACM-ICPC (the 8th among China’s colleges).
· In 2018, our students won 18 first prizes in Mathematical Contest In Modeling.  
· Our students also won one Red Dot Design Award and four IF Design Talents Awards in 2017 and 2018.
· GDUT men's basketball team has won the championship in CUBS in three consecutive years and won the title in the 8th Asia Man’s Basketball Championship.
· In recent years, our students have won top prizes in Art Performance Activities of National College Students in terms of vocal music, instrumental music and dance.

GDUT is committed to quality teaching and learning and nurtures students’ development within a caring environment. The goal of talent cultivation is to nurture students into developing both practical skills and moral integrity. Student education is focused on applied and innovative learning to ensure that graduates are work-ready, innovative and equipped to succeed in their chosen career path. Now, standing at a new starting point, GDUT strives to become one of the best universities in China and help you to succeed in your future career.